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Movable Type 3.3 Beta-3

Today, the Movable Type 3.3 Beta-3 is released. 6A said they resolving about 140 cases.
And add some new items and some improvement into this Beta-3. Lite
This is a plugin implemented into the Beta-3. Now it is easy to including content from other blogs.
Enter the blog’s address, the plugin can find the feed automaticlly. It can be used with Widget plugin.
How to use it?
Under Templates section, you will find the link of Create a feed widget in Plugin Actions.
Click it to make a new feed module which will be found in modules.
To add this modules, you can use Widget or use include modules function.

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MT 3.3 Beta-2 released

Yesterday, Movable Type 3.3 Beta-2 is released. It comes with lots of features and bug fixs.

The following plugin is included in this release.

  • A new and improved StyleCatcher
  • WidgetManager
  • GoogleSearch

The Stylecatcher is same as what I manually installed version 1.01. Works well.
WidgetManager and GoogleSearch are installed properly, but I don’t know how to use them.

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MT 3.3 Beta1 first view

I installed the Movable Type 3.3 Beta 1 into a Windows box. The installation is much more easy than v3.2 with less configuation.
I also test the most important plugin I think, Scode. The latest version Scode 1.0 works well in MT 3.3 Beta 1.
Scode is a good tool of spam control.
StyleCatcher Version 1.01 is also working on it. The CSS can be changed by StyleCatcher easily.
The new features 6A deployed, internal TAG is also good in one blog. It can organize your posts by TAGs.
When you want to make a new post, the edit box can be resized by click. It is very useful when enter a long paragraph.
My feelling of the new version is 6A does not add new features, but make a lot of improvement and fineturn.
This time the installation on Windows 2000 is not like last version. It is smooth.

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Movable Type 3.3 Beta

It is the next version of Movable Type, one of the most popular blog platform. The beta version, 3.3, is ready to be downloaded and to be tested.
I used Movable Type over 2 years. The latest Movable Type 3.2 works well in my server.
These are some items I think will be of most interest to me and other experts:
Smarter Defaults, and Fewer Settings
Setting up a new blog or a new installation can be like getting a new computer — the first thing you do is turn off all the stupid settings. So by default, we’ve got rid of fifty settings and controls when you create a new blog in Movable Type 3.3, and made the default choices be smarter about doing what you expect. You can still get to these options (and dozens of new ones, for people that like to tweak) but the good news is now that you don’t have to if you don’t want to.
(It means the default setting is much smarter, and the beginner don’t need to change settings with a lot of questions.)
A Better Author Experience
Built in Tags, with support for automatically publishing tag clouds and support for the rel=”tag” attribute. Resizable posting text areas that remember your settings and have bigger, more readable fonts. Inclusion of a range of professionally-translated language packs so that all your authors can see the MT user interface in their own language. And smart default settings that don’t overwhelm authors with fields they won’t use. And an improved junk management system means you spend even less time dealing with spam.(Some tag plugin will retired. Spam control is still the blogger’s concern.)

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