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Session variables problem

I met the session variables problem in IIS6.
I use global.asa as web application.
Same coding, it works under IIS5 of windows 2000 and IIS5.1 of windows xp, but it lost session variables under IIS6 of windows2003.
Sometimes I need to log in more than one time to get in the required page.
Tonight, I solve the problem.

Microsoft introduced several new features into Windows 2003/IIS6
webserver that affect how sessions and application pools are handled.
*Application Pools*
Most webhosting companies host multiple websites in the same application pool. When resources are maxed out for a application pool IIS 6 starts to recycle these sites causing application variables to be lost for those recycled sites.
If you are experiencing application/session loss symptoms then we would recommend asking your webhosting company to place you in your own application pool with all recycling options disabled and the recycle worker process set to recycle only once during the day at a set time.

I made a new applicaiton pool which is used by my application only.
So the problem disappeared.
Steps as below:
Step 1:
Add new application pool.

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This program is known from a Chinese Blog. Later I found the author is a PHD student of UBC, Matthew Brown.
AUTOSTITCH is the first fully automatic 2D image stitcher.
Sometime we call it a panorama program.

Capable of stitching full view panoramas without any user input whatsoever, AutoStitch is a breakthrough technology for panoramic photography, VR and visualisation applications.
AutoStitch is built using cutting edge research from the AI lab at UBC, but it’s incredibly simple to use! Just select a set of photos, and AutoStitch does the rest: digital photos in, panoramas out.

Following is a demo photo I took outside of my office tower yesterday.

Made by 5 photos.
He is periodically updating the demo version of AutoStitch. Please download the latest version from this webpage.
It is free green program. Easy to use.
Thanks for Matthew Brown’s wisdom to develop this smart program.

In-Out Board


This is a web-based In-Out Board program.
It is totally free to download, use.
Pentacle (In Out Board) was started as an idea I had in the early part of 2003 when I was supposed to be running the intranet site design side of a local insurance brokerage company.
It was almost 2 months from the initial idea till the launch of Pentacle on the April 2003. During these 2 months much time was spent in researching, planning, designing, developing applications, and writing tutorials and articles.
After used internally about 2 years, I think about to share it with all other people need in/out board on their desktop .
Pentacle Free Limited Version was started, and is improvd time by time. I hope it is alway be on your desktop free of charge.

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Pagerank stop working

After I installed the new version Google Toolbar 3.0.123, abut 2 hours later, I found that Page Rank information are always unavailable. Even the site: www.google.com
In the begining I thought it happened because of the new version’s problem. I downgrade to Version 2.0. Still unavilable.

I checked the help of Google Toolbar. It said:

My PageRank button is always grayed out. Is it broken?
The PageRank button will appear grayed out on sites that are not currently included in the Google index. As a test, if you visit www.google.com, the PageRank bar should show a score of 10/10.
If it does not, it is most likely because the PageRank feature is incompatible with some aspect of your system. Often, users who work behind a firewall or proxy encounter this problem.
Unfortunately, we do not have a solution to pass along at this time. Our Toolbar engineering team is investigating this issue, and we hope to release an improved version of the PageRank feature in the future. In the meantime, we would recommend that you disable PageRank by performing the steps below:
1. Click on the “Options” button on your Toolbar.
2. Un-check the box next to “PageRank display.”
3. Click “OK.”

Today, I know that not me only. A lot of people are in same situation.
PRchecker reported that:
28 May, 2005 – Update: Google.com have stoped their pagerank service today, and

ALL the sites have ZERO rank now. We do not know if this is a temporary problem, but we hope it is, and we hope they will resolve this issue in several days, we’ll post an update when it is available.

In the Google Toolbar site, you can find no pagerank field in the toolbar image the provided.
This is the image from their site:
I think pagerank will retire soon.

Wireless Network Concern

Now more and more network build by wireless equipments.
There are still something concern.
1) What is the range of wireless?

Types of Wi-Fi Network
Protocol Maximum Speed Average Speed Wireless Range
802.11a 54Mbps 27Mbps 12m indoors, 30m line-of-sight outdoors
802.11b 11Mbps 4.5Mbps 30m indoors, 120m line-of-sight outdoors
802.11g 54Mbps 7Mbps (in compatibility mode), 16Mbps (with other 802.11g devices) 30m indoors, 120m line-of-sight outdoors

Standard construction walls can reduce the transmission distance by as much as 50%.

So, put the wireless router in the center of the house.

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Fuel Price Hike


During last 12 months, fuel price increased much more.
There is the latest release from consumer price index report from Statistics Canada on Friday, April 22, 2005.

Consumers paid 2.3% more in March than the same month a year earlier for the goods and services included in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) basket. This increase followed a 12-month rise of 2.1% in February.

For the 11th consecutive month, gasoline prices remain the main factor of the 12-month increase in the CPI

See below:

The energy index climbed 9.5% between March 2004 and March 2005, mainly as a result of higher gasoline prices (+11.2%). Higher prices for fuel oil (+25.8%), natural gas (+10.3%), electricity (+3.4%), as well as for fuel, parts and supplies for recreational vehicles (+7.6%) also contributed to pushing up the energy index.

Fuel Saving Tips is more important than that before.
Seven easy things you can do to save gas–and money–today.
To review it in the future, paste it following:

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Build RAID 1

I used my old 60GB harddisk, which replaced by previously mentioned 160GB new disk, to made a RAID1 array with another 40GB harddisk. Actual capacity I can use is 40GB. 20GB is wasted.
Following is the technical explaination of RAID Level 1
Common Name(s): RAID 1; RAID 1 with Duplexing.
Technique(s) Used: Mirroring or Duplexing
Description: RAID 1 is usually implemented as mirroring; a drive has its data duplicated on two different drives using either a hardware RAID controller or software (generally via the operating system). If either drive fails, the other continues to function as a single drive until the failed drive is replaced. Conceptually simple, RAID 1 is popular for those who require fault tolerance and don’t need top-notch read performance. A variant of RAID 1 is duplexing, which duplicates the controller card as well as the drive, providing tolerance against failures of either a drive or a controller. It is much less commonly seen than straight mirroring.
Illustration of a pair of mirrored hard disks, showing how the
files are duplicated on both drives. (The files are the same as
those in the RAID 0 illustration, except that to save space I have
reduced the scale here so one vertical pixel represents 2 kiB.)

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