No Mail Relay

I saw a lot of spamers use my email server to send their Junk mails. To stop it. I have to set up my IMail server to No Mail Relay. Previously I wrote Stop third party email relay Now, I stop the third party mail relay totally. No Mail Relay With this option, IMail will

Privacy Pioneer Promises Secure VOIP

LAS VEGASPhil Zimmermann, the celebrated cryptographer who created PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) for e-mail encryption, is taking a shot at securing VOIP communications. Zimmermann took the stage at the Black Hat Briefings here to show off Zfone, a prototype application that encrypts voice-over-IP calls to thwart man-in-the-middle eavesdroppers. Using the open-source, cross-platform softphone Shtoom and

Voxilla Canadian Store

The newly opened online Voxilla Canada Store stocks the entire line of products and accessories that are currently offered on the Voxilla Store but are represented in Canadian currency, at prices comparable to those in the US store. Voxilla Canada will offer free standard shipping throughout the country for its entire product line. Among the

8 steps to Promote website

Before you venture into the world of search engine promotion, make a plan of action. 1) Choose your keywords 2) Design your site 3) Optimize your site 4) Get your site listed 5) Wait 6) Analyze your traffic and ranking trends 7) Further Optimize your site 8) Go back to step 5. (Excerpted from Article

SIPCPE FX200 Voip Port Converter

This is a converter to convert your PSTN phone line to your VOIP phone. It is a feature product to call forward tool between your VOIP number and your local phone number or cell phone number. Compatible with Cisco, Grandstream and Sipura VoIP adaptors only. For a detailed overview of the capabilities of the SIPCPE

Web-Based Tools

2013.08.29 Update: All links below are updated. When you use the Internet or weaver some webpages, some tools are must have. This is the site of Peter Forret. 1) FORRET TOOLS You will find following handy tools: Color converter: convert RGB to CMYK/HSV color spaces HTML convert convert special chârãçtérs to valid encoded HTML HTTP

Digital Voice Services

This is a IP phone provider based on Great Vancouver, BC Canada. Let’s see how it works. For my parents in Shanghai, I think it is better to buy it and send the adapter to them. Connect it to the high speed internet and plug the regualar phone set. I can call them with (604)

Grandstream Mini 286

Grandstream Mini 286 is the name on SipHardware. It is native name should be HandyTone 286 Analog Telephone Adaptor from its manufacturer. When use this adaptor with VOIP service, just link it to your internet port by RJ45 and the other RJ11 port to your regular phone set. You don’t need setting it yourself, if