Backup tools for Server

Symantec LiveState™ Recovery Advanced Server Rapid and Reliable System and Data Recovery for Organizations of Every Size Key Features: Recover bare-metal systems in minutes Create real-time ‘while you work’ backups (snapshots) Automatically adjust backup routines to occur prior to a new application installation, user logon/logout or storage upgrade Remotely restore servers (through embedded Symantec pcAnywhere™


BEEP PATTERN CAUSE AND SOLUTION AWARD BIOS 1 long beep A memory problem: remove and reseat memory. 1 long, 2 short or 1 long, 3 short Video card problem or problem with its memory.Replace the graphics card or its memory. Continuous A memory and/or video problems. Reseat or replace memory and/or graphics card. PHOENIX BIOS

PocketMod – DIY

This is an online flash tool to make a customized pocket-size note book. What you need is a computer with internet access, a printer, paper and scissors. Plus your imagination. Go to Click Create a PocketMod will lead you to the working area. The final product is a 8 pages book. You can add

Problem of IIS6

For installation of Movable Type 3.2 on Windows 2003, I do so many test and ask a lot of questions on the Movable Type Support forum and got no answer. Yesterday, I join the following mail group: perl-win32-users. I received the right answer same day. That’s a good place to get help and find the

MovableType 3.2 on Windows 2003

MovableType 3.2 has five beta versions, I tested some on my windows 2000 windows XP machines. They all fine. When Six Apart release the final version 3.2, I installed it immediately on my Windows 2000. It run smoothly on it. Tests included brand new install and upgrade from Movable Type 3.17. On August 26, 2005,

How to see the detailed error of ASP

When I test a ASP page today, I got a 500 error. No detailed information displayed can help me. Now if you meet the same thing, check following: Normally error 500 is program error, or asp language error. You can change your IE settings to show you detail. 1)Click IE tool bar, Tools > Internet

Upgrade my wife’s computer

During past month, my wife always use my workstation to play the game, “tetris”, in the This is a huge online game community. You can choose a person from over 500+ in one game any time. Now it is 10:30am Pacific time, there are over 150,000 gamers online. This site is based on China,