160GB Hard Driver

Today, I bought a new hard driver, WD1600JB-00GVA0, made by Western Digital. Price is good, almost same as 120GB Seagate Hard Driver. I paid $120.00, tax included. This is Western Digital High-Performance level EIDE product. It’s benefits: Fast — WD, the first to introduce an 8 MB buffer, has advanced the caching algorithms of this

Canadian Tax Software

I sent my TAX forms to CRA today. Now I want to introduce some Canadian TAX Software. www.cutetax.ca Free without printing. www.taxcel.ca Unlimited Tax returens, $8 only. www.mytaxexpress.com Free download, free while income under $25,000. $6.08 per person. www.genutax.ca Once you purchase GenuTax, annual tax updates for future years are free. You will be able


After install the Scode, most of comment spams are blocked. Now, more spams are pushed to TRACKBACK part. I have to do something to avoid the spam flood. From Elise’s advice, I change the name of trackback cgi file and rebuild archives today. Let me see, if spams are more or less.