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In-Out Board

This is a web-based In-Out Board program. It is totally free to download, use. Pentacle (In Out Board) was started as an idea I had in the early part of 2003 when I was supposed to be running the intranet site design side of a local insurance brokerage company. It was almost 2 months from

Pagerank stop working

After I installed the new version Google Toolbar 3.0.123, abut 2 hours later, I found that Page Rank information are always unavailable. Even the site: In the begining I thought it happened because of the new version’s problem. I downgrade to Version 2.0. Still unavilable. I checked the help of Google Toolbar. It said:

Wireless Network Concern

Now more and more network build by wireless equipments. There are still something concern. 1) What is the range of wireless? Types of Wi-Fi Network Protocol Maximum Speed Average Speed Wireless Range 802.11a 54Mbps 27Mbps 12m indoors, 30m line-of-sight outdoors 802.11b 11Mbps 4.5Mbps 30m indoors, 120m line-of-sight outdoors 802.11g 54Mbps 7Mbps (in compatibility mode), 16Mbps

Build album template and rebuild all albums

Use ALBUM CREATOR 3.0 as album tool. 1.Change the “general album” template to my YINFOR.COM template. 2.Rebuild all albums from previous website. Make a little bit changes. From Album1 to Album90. Update on 2014/02/07 Album Creator is version 3.6 now.  I made a customized theme for my very first online photo albums 10 years ago.