This program is known from a Chinese Blog. Later I found the author is a PHD student of UBC, Matthew Brown. AUTOSTITCH is the first fully automatic 2D image stitcher. Sometime we call it a panorama program. Capable of stitching full view panoramas without any user input whatsoever, AutoStitch isContinue Reading

Found a good place, where a lot of freeware can be downloaded. Small and perfect. This is FileDate Changer, only 20,710 bytes, around 21KB. Download file The site is NirSoft. Go there, you will find freeware utilities.Continue Reading

I used my old 60GB harddisk, which replaced by previously mentioned 160GB new disk, to made a RAID1 array with another 40GB harddisk. Actual capacity I can use is 40GB. 20GB is wasted. Following is the technical explaination of RAID Level 1 Common Name(s): RAID 1; RAID 1 with Duplexing.Continue Reading

I sent my TAX forms to CRA today. Now I want to introduce some Canadian TAX Software. Free without printing. Unlimited Tax returens, $8 only. Free download, free while income under $25,000. $6.08 per person. Once you purchase GenuTax, annual tax updates for future years areContinue Reading

Ever wondered who’s behind those attacks on your firewall? VisualRoute will find out for you. I used this software long time ago. It tells the host by ip address. And it also shows the route from your computer to the host. Download searchContinue Reading

Resolution Guide for Monitors, Laptops, Televisions and Projectors You’ve seen the confusing alphabet soup of acronyms describing the various resolutions for monitors, laptop displays, LCD and plasma televisions, as well as projectors, yet you probably still don’t know what it all means. Click on this hyperlink for an article thatContinue Reading

The Truth About Response Time In our continuing effort to provide up-to-the-minute information to consumers, our editors wish to shed light on the multitude of numbers (or specifications) that accompany advertisements, brochures, user manuals, etc. regarding LCD monitors. Amid the cacophony of digits large and small appears one expression thatContinue Reading

The world market for flat panel displays exploded to nearly $38-billion last year with projections of 18-percent growth for each of the next three years. According to the October 1, 2003 issue of Business Economics magazine, few – if any – markets this size are growing at such high andContinue Reading

Everyday I surf in the internet. Everyday I am bothered by adwares and spywares. Now I use 2 free tools to remove them. 1st, Spybot-Search & Destory 2nd, Ad-Aware SE Personal Here is an article to compare these two tools. Spy vs Spy: Ad-aware vs Spybot S&DContinue Reading