Category: Freeware Review

Install Gallery

Do you want your own Web Gallery, or Web Photo Albums. Check Gallery. It is a Open Source program I use a one-click-installation feature of DreamHost to install this service for my Grace’s site. The album is private site, no more public view. Why I choose this photo album organizer? You know I setup a

Windows Script Decoder

Now a lot of website owner find some malicious code hide in their webpages. Some are put by hacker. The codes are also encoded. Webmaster can not remove the malicious code from the original html codes, they are all mixed. Now, this tools is help you to decode it and find out. The program name

FastStone Capture

I introduced some FastStone programs before. I used this FastStone Capture so often and I feel this tool is good enough. It is better than some commercial products. I respected FastStone’s work to make it free. Thank you. First of all, let’s see the screen of it. It can capture screen by: Active Window; Window

AWStats 6.6 is comming

AWStats is a very powerful log analysis tool. I still remember last update for AWStats 6.5 half year ago. First of all, let’s see the changes it bring in. New features/improvements: – All geoip plugins support the PurePerl version. – Possible use of vhost in extra section. – Support IPv6 in AllowAccessFromWebToFollowingIPAddresses parameter. – Added

Image Viewer from FastStone

I have a very long history to use the image viewer software. I still remember my first PC. It is 386DX40 with 4Mb memory, and 170Mb hard-disk. The monitor is 14″. Just like other teenage boys, I use ACDSee for lots and lots of photos copied from my classmates. It is running on DOS. Even

Firefox 2.0 release now

I use Firefox more often than before. I download the Firefox 2.0 when I know the final version 2 is coming. I did not get the upgrade information from the version. In the official site, it is still old version to be download. I have this link to download it from the Open Source