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Enable Memcache on phpBB 3

First of all, I need Memcache to be installed in the server. I don’t want say too much about installation of Memcache. The topic is MAKE MEMCACHE WORK ON PHPBB3. First get acm_memcache.php from code center of phpbb. Put this file under /root/includes/acm/ There is acm_file.php already. Then modify config.php Replace $acm_type = ‘file’ by

phpBB 3 – Logo replacement

How to change logo in phpBB 3 style? This example shows you how to do it for subSilver 2, but it can also be applied to almost any other style, including prosilver. 1. Upload Logo file First you should create a logo image and upload it. If you are using subSilver 2, you should upload

Distillate Mod 0.1b released

As I mentioned before, I will make a distillate mod for phpBB forum program. It is a good time to release it. Distillate Mod 0.1b Tested with: * phpBB 3.0.4 * ProSilver With Chinese Language support. It is very rough. May have some of bugs or errors. Any questions please post here.