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After install the Scode, most of comment spams are blocked.
Now, more spams are pushed to TRACKBACK part.
I have to do something to avoid the spam flood.
From Elise’s advice, I change the name of trackback cgi file and rebuild archives today.
Let me see, if spams are more or less.

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Trackback 404 error SOLVED!

MovableType Trackback on Microsoft Windows IIS gives 404 error SOLVED!
I’m running MovableType on a Windows 2003 IIS server and noticed Trackback was giving 404 errors for Trackback urls such as
After Google the web, I find the the way to solve it.
It is on Tom Keating’s VoIP Blog.

Details as shown below:

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Bloglet – Good Blog Subscription Provider

Applied for bloglet service.
Anyone can enter his email to it to get the updated post everyday.
It is free and you can unsubscribe any time.
Bloglet is a free service that sends readers a daily email with all of the updates to the sites to which they subscribe. If there have been no updates, an email is not sent. To use Bloglet for your weblog, go to the Bloglet website and sign up for a new account and follow the instructions to add a weblog. Click on the question mark symbols next to the form entry fields for clarification on how to fill them in. A couple are a little bit tricky. On your main Bloglet account page find the list of your weblogs. Click on the code icon to the right of the pencil and trash can icons to get the code to use to place on your weblog. Copy and paste the code where you want the form to appear on your index and archive templates.

Update: 2014.02.07
It is not a service site anymore. Simply another blog only.

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