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Exchange rate error of Google Adsense

The latest payment, in April, was made on time, but the exchange rate is incorrect.
Their support is good. The response is so quick that I received reply in the same day in which I asked the question.
The exchange rate should be about 1 USD to 1.12 Canadian dollar. Google paid the commission by the reversed rate, just 0.88.
Exchange rate reference
The Google AdSense Team’s reply is shown below:

We wish to inform you that the exchange rate used for your
April payment was incorrect. We’re working hard to
investigate this error and will update you once we have
additional details on how we intend to resolve the issue.
If you normally receive communication for us in a
language other than English, we will provide additional
information in your preferred language next week.
We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your
The Google AdSense Team

I trust they will resolve this problem in the next week.

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Google Adsense

The Google Adsense is like a bonus for my sites, including Yin’s Family, David Yin’s Blog, G2Soft.Net, and Canadian Insurance Advisor.
I love the internet, which provide the space to communicate with friends and family members, to share the thought, experience, and contribute the free time to help others.
It is a community. I post something interesting, and other browser them and go out through the links. Some links are set by Google Adsense, whith is an advertisement system. As a publisher, google will pay part of the advertisement revenue to us for the links from my sites.
When the balance of the Google Adsense account reaching $100, the payment will be send.
I got the first payment on Jan. 26, 2006. It is good and I will focus on it.

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