When I am back home to check the mail box, I got the package of Edubuntu 6.06. Actually I already installed the edubuntu 5.10 and upgraded to 6.06. My daughter, Grace, likes to play some games included. The game can teach her the math, color, clock, and more. The CDContinue Reading

2013/08/29 Update: Google shuts down Picassa for Linux in early 2012. Download links are removed. Now we can use the free picasa in the Linux. There are three package can be download Free Download (.rpm) – for Red Hat/Fedora/Suse/Mandriva x86 Free Download (.deb) – for Debian/Ubuntu x86 Free Download (.bin)Continue Reading

There are a lot of new users registered just for put advertisement on my bulletin board. I hate them. It is very complicated to delete these users in the default administrator site. I search the MODS-Database on PHPBB.com. The following mod is what I installed in my bulletin board. InstallationContinue Reading

I found the Xubuntu, which is a complete GNU/Linux based system with an Ubuntu base. It is a new project, born in April 2006. So now we have Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu and Xubuntu. Xubuntu is s lighter, and more efficient than Ubuntu with GNOME or KDE, since it uses theContinue Reading

Ubuntu is a good Linux distribution. It can be download freely, and it can be mail to your home by ShipIt free of charge. Last time, I ordered Ubuntu 5.10. It took about 52 days to my home. This time they provide up to 10 CDs. I think they knowContinue Reading

While surfing the Ubuntu site, I was noticed that LPI – Linux Professional Institute, which provides Linux Certification. It is a standard course, with three levels for administration. “Why get the Certification?” tells more details about this exam. Following are some advantages to get it.Continue Reading

Ubuntu is sponsored by Canonical Ltd. They provide free cds including live version and install version, each one has PC, 64-bit PC, and Mac distributions. Not only free CDs, but also Free shipping and handling. Just go to the ShipIt site and send your request online. The CDs will beContinue Reading

WINDOWS PLATFORM LINUX PLATFORM Application name Market price (tigerdirect.com or vender site) Application name OS Windows XP home w/ sp2 192.99 Ubuntu 5.10 i386 Chinese input Smart Pinyin free SCIM Office Suite Office 2003 std. 341.99 Openoffice.org 2 Text Editor UltraEdit 10.0 39.95 Gedit 2.12.1 Dictionary Powerword 2005 49.95 StartDictContinue Reading