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Hide User’s WebSite Button 1.0.3

I just updated PHPBB yesterday.
Because of so many spammers on the Internet. They keep register on my forum and left the porn site links or spams.
I hate them. Sometimes I changed the configuration that only admin can active new users.
Now I let it open and install a new mod to hide user’s website button.
After installation, only ADMIN and Moderators can see the WWW button here.
Let me show you how to install it.
1) Download file
2) Follow the instruction to modify the following five files.
## memberlist.php
## groupcp.php
## privmsg.php
## viewtopic.php
## includes/usercp_viewprofile.php
Make sure backup these files before step 2.

Math worksheet updates

I update math worksheet generator yesterday.
Some new features:
* One-Digit or Two-Digit. If you choose two-digit, you can setup the max number you want.
* Addition, subtraction or mixed with addition and subtraction.
* You can choose to print answer key as well.
* Setup how many worksheets you need.
* The name of kids and date to be put on the worksheet.
Click here to go to One-Digit or Two-Digit Addition and/or Subtraction
Do I forgot something? Oh! There are 64 questions per sheet.
It is very easy to use.

Math worksheet for my Daughters

I programed a web version of math worksheet. Just addition and subtraction.
My elder daughter, Grace, is Grade 1. She is learning addition and subtraction within two figures, up to 10.
Grace can do more than what teacher requested.
I build this new worksheet generator.
All parents are welcome to use this tool.
Go to Math – Addition & subtraction
Enter the max number you want to be used in worksheet, and how many pages you need.
60 questions per page.
Addition and subtraction are random.
You can also enter the name of your kids. Then he will get his own math worksheet.
After click Submit button, the worksheet is generated as PDF file in letter size.
To see a sample, Download file

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PHP : Creating PDF

To create PDF file by PHP, you need some basic information. I record it here.
Page Sizes in PostScript Points
Paper Size – Page Width – Page Height
Letter – 612 – 792
Legal – 612 – 1008
A0 – 2380 – 3368
A1 – 1684 – 2380
A2 – 1190 – 1684
A3 – 842 – 1190
A4 – 595 – 842
A5 – 421 – 595
A6 – 297 – 421
It will be used, when I begin a page as below:

pdf_begin_page ($pdf, $width, $heifht);

Built-in PDF Fonts
Courier-Bold Oblique
Helvetica-Bold Oblique
Times-Bold Italic
Zapf Dingbats
And Font Encodings
Encoding : Description
winansi : Windows
macroman : Mac Roman (Macintosh default)
edcdic : EBCDIC, used on IBM AS/400 and S/390 systems
builtin : Coding built into the font itself
host : System-specific coding:macroman on the Mac, ebcdic on EBEDIC-based systems, and winansi on all others.

$font = pdf_findfont ($pdf, $font_name, $encoding);

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Google and Zend – Zend Google Data Client Library

Zend Google Data Client Library is released on Oct. 31, 2006.
It is a new GData API for Php developer. It provide a simple standard protocol and writing data on the web. For example, Google Base, Calendar, Blogger, and CodeSearch each have a data API following the Google Data protocol.
To get this Gdata tool, click here.
The most interest thing is Google Account Authentication.
I plan to build a online Poll system. If I can integrate this system with Google Account, it will be much easy for users.

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Ubuntu 6.10 is released (Edgy Eft)

Now it’s time to upgrade your Ubuntu 6.06 to 6.10.
There is no free shipit for 6.10. And it is not a Long Term Support (LTS).
You can download it here.
Let’s see some new features implemented in Ubuntu 6.10.
1) New Startup Screen.
It will looks much clear in different resolutions.
2) GNOME 2.16
This is the latest GNOME.
3) Tomboy
Note-taking tool.
4) F-spot
F-spot is a photo manager to replace the gthumb.
5) Evolution
Evolution 2.8.0 comes with GNOME.

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Edubuntu 6.06 received

When I am back home to check the mail box, I got the package of Edubuntu 6.06. Actually I already installed the edubuntu 5.10 and upgraded to 6.06. My daughter, Grace, likes to play some games included. The game can teach her the math, color, clock, and more.
The CD I received is 5 CD package. I will share it with my friends who have children. It is a complete operating system consisting of free and open source software for education.

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Ubuntu 6.06 and Kubuntu 6.06 is comming

I received Ubuntu 6.06 and Kubuntu 6.06 shipit packages today. They are all mailed from France. I am in Canada.
I made the order on 2006-05-18.
This time the live version and install version are in one CD.
To use Ubuntu as a Live CD, put the CD in the CD drive and turn on or restart your computer.
To install Ubuntu, run the Live CD and double-click on the “Install” icon.
Note: The default installation will erase all existing software and data from your computer. If it is not what your want, follow the insturction carefully during installation.
There are some Windows versions of some of the programs included in Ubuntu. You can try them by putting the CD in the drive while windows is running.

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Picasa for Linux

2013/08/29 Update: Google shuts down Picassa for Linux in early 2012. Download links are removed.
Now we can use the free picasa in the Linux.
There are three package can be download
Free Download (.rpm) – for Red Hat/Fedora/Suse/Mandriva x86
Free Download (.deb) – for Debian/Ubuntu x86
Free Download (.bin) – Self-extracting installer, for any x86 Linux distribution

This Picasa can run on the 764-bit linux with 32-bit compatibility libraries.
What’s different between the Windows version of Picasa and Picasa for Linux?

For the people used Picasa for windows, there are a few differences between windows version and linux version as below:

+ Picasa for Linux is currently available only in the U.S., with an English interface.
+ Google’s Hello photo-messaging application is Windows only, so it’s not currently integrated with Picasa for Linux.
+ CD burning isn’t supported in Picasa for Linux. The button will be grayed out in the interface. The CD-ROM-burning library used by Picasa uses a Windows driver that’s not easy to support on Wine.
+ Similarly, the backup feature is not supported.
+ There’s currently no Export to TiVo┬« feature.

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