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Gap in the words

When a person lived in Canada for four or five years, understanding is totally different. He has a viewpoint and wants to express it in his native language to the visitor from his native country. The result is a misunderstanding. The focus, target of meaning, is not being realized. The reason is thinking in a

Hu will be US this morning

From the Sohu News, Hu Jintao will arrive at Seattle about 6AM. In the first day, he will visit Microsoft head office. The welcome dinner will be arranged at Bill Gates House. This is Bill Gates’ House. The more information can be accessed from Bill Gates House, Inside Pictures of Bill Gates House. It shows

Quality and Quantity

I write my blog over one year and five months. The quantity is my concern when I start my blog, but now, the quality is the most concern. Until today, there are four hundred and thirty posts here. To post many more high quality articles is very important for Blog and Bloger. High quality post

Fuel Price Hike

During last 12 months, fuel price increased much more. There is the latest release from consumer price index report from Statistics Canada on Friday, April 22, 2005. Consumers paid 2.3% more in March than the same month a year earlier for the goods and services included in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) basket. This increase